SodaSparkle FAQS

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about SodaSparkle™ Home Soda Machine

How many flavors does the SodaSparkle™ Home soda machine range include?

SodaSparkle™ offers a wide range of sugar free, natural soda syrups manufactured in Australia with no preservatives, no artificial coloring, no artificial flavor and no sugar. This makes your home soda beverages healthy and fun!

Our home soda making kit includes 15 assorted natural soda syrup flavors, which include Orange, Lemon, Cranberry, Apple, Lychee, Pineapple, Cola/Lemon, Tonic and many more. We are currently developing a tea range and exotic range that includes, green tea, pomegranate, cranberry and peach!

Does SodaSparkle™ comply with international quality standards?

Yes. SodaSparkle™ home soda machine manufacturers assure quality in design and production in align with the highest international standards. Our consumer’s safety and satisfaction when using SodaSparkle Home soda machine is of the utmost importance.

These include factory manufacturing process (ISO 9001:2000, BSCI, TuV) and home soda making product standards (LFGB, IFS, European Directive IEC 2007/42/EC, European Directive IEC 1935/2004/EC). Safety

Can I recharge the CO2 chargers?

No, our SodaSparkle CO2 chargers are conveniently disposable and recyclable. After using them to make your own homemade soda make sure you put them into the right recycling bin!

You can only use these disposable chargers once. For each new bottle of sparkling water you must insert a new disposable SodaSparkle CO2 charger into the home soda maker.
How SodaSparkle works

Is SodaSparkle™ safe to use and does it have a patent?

Yes, SodaSparkle is a safe and reliable home soda machine. We guarantee our product is the safest technology on offer due to the steadfast design of a double-safety valve release system that is built into the soda machine.

This ensures our consumers safety when using the SodaSparkle home soda machine. Yes, we have a number of patents on our unique and revolutionary SodaSparkle machine. For more information please visit our Safety page

Who is SodaSparkle™ represented by?

SodaSparkleTM soda machine manufacturers are represented by Global Regency – a quality control and product development company based in China and Hong Kong. For more information please Contact Us

How do I become a distributor?

To become a distributor for SodaSparkle™ home soda machine Contact Us