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Soda Making Machine

SodaSparkle™ is a revolutionary soda maker. Our soda making machine is compact, portable and safe to use for the whole family.
It is perfect for families who want to make soda at home and is less bulky than other home soda making equipment

SodaSparkle Bottles

SodaSparkle™‘s 1.3 litre soda bottles are the ideal size for families and are perfect for use straight from the fridge to the dining table. No more carrying heavy bottles home from the supermarket or throwing out used water bottles. More about SodaSparkle Soda Bottles

You can use the bottles over and over again which means that as a conscious consumer, you are taking action in eliminating the amount of waste you discard.

MaxiShot Model

Coming Soon:
The Big Sparkle

• Supersize, disposable, recyclable steel CO2 cylinder for up to 120L of sparkling water
• No inconvenient cylinder exchange hassles or dispute of cylinder ownership
• “Click in” CO2 cylinder system, avoids cumbersome fiddly screwing in of CO2 cylinder
• Machine slides down over cylinder and locates automatically instead of user having to lift and manually align cylinder
• Bottle is freestanding, does not have to be lifted to secure into machine
• Due to unique, patented, combined carbonating nozzle cap, the bottle remains sealed after carbonation, thereby retaining all the “fizz.” Other machines are forced to release the CO2 immediately so that bottle can be extracted from machine
• The freestanding bottle with combined carbonating nozzle cap allow for bottle to be simply removed and shaken between carbonating shots, facilitating unprecedented carbonation efficiency and economy in this type of machine

MultiShot Model

Coming Soon: The MultiShot
and 500ml Personal-Size Bottle

• Patented, one-step “push to sparkle”
• Choose your preferred sparkling level
• Carbonate multiple bottles once loaded
• Carbonate any SodaSparkle bottle – 500ml, 1L and 1.3L
• Dual charger system carbonates up to 5L
• Loads single or dual Soda Chargers
• Re-sparkle flat water – no wasted CO2
• Compatible with both 8g and 16g chargers
• Carbonate juice (when used with the SodaSparkle Juice Nozzle accessory).

The new 500ml Personal Size Bottle is great for taking your fresh SodaSparkle sparkling soda to school, gym or outdoors. Only for MultiShot Home Soda Maker

Eco Model

The Eco

• Top charger eject button
• Compact, ergonomic design
• Carbonate 1L or 1.3L SodaSparkle bottles
• “Turn to Sparkle”

The Eco Starter Kit includes:

Eco Home Soda Maker, 1L Extra-Sparkle Bottle, 5 x CO2 Soda Chargers and 12 assorted natural flavours.

SodaSparkle Chargers

SodaSparkle™ CO2 soda chargers are disposable, recyclable and environmentally friendly. They come in packs of 50 for easy storage and convenience. No more unwieldy cylinders or the need to return to the retailer to replace cartridges. SodaSparkle CO2 chargers are much more convenient and user friendly than other Soda machines, check out comparing home soda machines for more detail.

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natural flavour

SodaSparkle 600ml Concentrated Natural Flavour Syrups

SodaSparkle™ offers a wide range of fresh, natural and delicious low calorie flavors with an easy to use, unique, measuring system for single or family-size portions.

SodaSparkle™ currently offers various natural flavours that are made in Australia, including: Lemon, Orange, Cranberry, Apple, Lychee, Pineapple, Tonic and Cola. For more information on Soda Syrups

SodaSparkle™ Starter Kit

The SodaSparkle™ Starter Kit gives consumers choice and convenience.
It is our most popular product and provides the best and most quality experience on offer.

The SodaSparkle™ Twin Starter Kit includes:
Soda making machine,
1.3L bottle for light sparkle,
1L bottle for extra sparkle,
5 x CO2 chargers.

Making homemade soda is fun and easy!

Storage & Carry Bag

SodaSparkle Storage & Carry Bag

• Made from durable and breathable material
• Internal compartments keep everything securely in place
• Adjustable carry strap
• Comfortable vertical or horizontal carrying



Take your SodaSparkle kit with you on road trips, picnics and outings.