The SodaSparkleā„¢ home soda maker kit includes a soda maker machine that is compact and portable for the whole family to use; with a wide range of fresh, natural and low calorie flavors in easy to use single and family-sized servings.
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How SodaSparkle Works

Making your own soda is now fun and hassle free. Simply chill ordinary tap water in the special SodaSparkle PET BPA free bottles. SodaSparkle provides 1L soda bottle for strong sparkle and 1.3L soda bottle for light sparkle.

Simply fill the soda bottle to the marked line,
insert the disposable SodaSparkle carbonating cartridge into the soda making machine, twist
and watch the bubbles form!

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Soda Syrups

SodaSparkle soda syrups offer you the ultimate in convenience and diversity

You can accessorise your SodaSparkle home soda making machine with a wide range of fresh, natural and delicious low calorie flavors in easy to use, perfectly measured single or family-size portions.

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SodaSparkle Safety

Home Carbonation with SodaSparkle is easy, safe and reliable.

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SodaSparkle Bottles

SodaSparkle soda bottles are made of PET plastic and are BPA free.

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